PBA: Economic conditions in Ukraine discourage pig breeding

The total number of pigs in Ukraine as of early September 2021 summed 6.1 mln head, 60 thou. head or 1% less YoY. The increase in the industrial pig population did not compensate for the reduction in the household sector, the Pig Breeders Association (PBA) informs with reference to the State Statistics data.

Over the past few months in Ukraine, there has been a gradual slowdown in the growth rate of the number of pigs in agricultural enterprises. Thus, if in the first half of the year this figure fluctuated between 9-11.6%, a decrease has been observed since early July.

The Association analysts mark that in early September the existing industrial pig population exceeded last year's by only 4.6% or 164 thou. pigs. At the same time, the downward trend in the number of pigs in the household sector remains at the level of 8.5% during 2021. According to Statestat estimates, there were 2.38 mln pigs in households at the beginning of autumn, which is 224 thou. head less than a year ago.

"The insufficient positive dynamics in the industrial sector was not enough to cover the decrease in the household sector and keep the total number of pigs in the country at last year's level," the PBA states.

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Challenging economic circumstances in which domestic pig farms have been running for almost a year do not encourage a further increase in the number of pigs. As projected by the PBA, in the short-run, the rate of increase in the number of pigs at agricultural enterprises in Ukraine will not increase.

Previously reported that in 8M 2021 pork products export from Ukraine generated revenue 16% higher YoY.

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