August barley export from Ukraine rushed 30% YoY, key importing countries

In August 2021/22(July 2021–June 2022), barley export shipment from Ukraine totalled 1.7 mln t, 56% higher from the July supply and 30% above the previous season's comparative period, the consulting agency UkrAgroConsult reports.

Since the season's start, barley shipment from Ukraine has come to 2.8 mln t, an all-time record for this period.

Reportedly, China is the key export market for Ukrainian barley. This country imported 24% more barley than in August 2020/21.

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"In July-August, Turkey imported more than 366 thou. t of barley from Ukraine, whereas in the entire 2020/21 season shipment summed 23 thou. t," analysts note.

The following countries increased their purchases of Ukrainian barley (July-Aug 2021/22 vs. 2020/21):

  • Tunisia 41%
  • Jordan 12%
  • Morocco 5x
  • Lebanon 8x
  • Algeria 3x

Saudi Arabia, Libya and Israel cut their purchases of barley from Ukraine in the reporting period.

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As of 29 September (2021/22), grain export from Ukraine came to 13.61 mln t, 15% up YoY.

Barley production in Ukraine and worldwide (click for full resolution)

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