Company suspected of preferential position in grain fumigation business in Kherson region sues the mass media

The company ESV Service («ЕСВ Сервис») sued Latifundist Media for protection of business reputation with regard to the news published by in late April 2021.

For context, reported that one of the companies was given a privileged position in providing fumigation services in Kherson region. Several sources (three anonymous and one open) reported that customs service, under the cover of enforcement officers, blocked access to rendering this type of service for other companies. According to them, the only company that could carry out fumigation was ESV Service.

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Thus wanted to draw the attention of market participants to the facts of possible corruption involving customs officers and law enforcement bodies in the port of Kherson.

At that time, the editorial office received a statement from a representative of ESV Service, and sent an inquiry to the customs officials, which was never responded to. That is, for our part, we completely respected the balance of the parties.

In August, the company ESV Service filed a lawsuit against Latifundist Media to protect its business reputation. It denies a number of claims, both those voiced to the editorial office by market participants and those previously announced in the media.

As an example, the company asks for an explanation of what is meant in the part about ESV Service director Vasyl Padalka which reads "who is allegedly part of former MP Ruslan Solvarn's business circle."

Nevertheless, we note that a number of public, political and business media have previously written about this connection, including:

"I would like to call attention to another curious fact. On the day of our news publication, the Phytosanitary Association of Ukraine posted information on its Facebook page stating that the management of the seaport Kherson refused to sign letters authorizing the import of fumigants by a number of companies. While one of the companies was given unlimited access to do so. We shall not assert the direct connection between the events, perhaps, it is merely a coincidence. Same time, same port, one company," observes Konstantin Tkachenko, Editor-in-Chief of

Following the association's report, our colleagues at APK-Inform published a comprehensive article "Free Competition for Fumigation Companies? Never heard of."

The editorial office firmly believes that facts and events suggesting corruption, a breach of the competitive environment or other abuses in the market must not be silenced, and will continue to be made public by us. requested legal assistance from the reputable law firm LCF.

The first court hearing on the merits of the case will be held on 19 October.

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