AMCU approves of Agrodim assets acquisition by Kernel Chairman Verevskiy

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) authorized the company Namsen Limited, a legal entity directly controlled by Andrey Verevskiy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kernel, for the acquisition of the agricultural enterprise in Chernihiv region, Agrodim.

Agrodim operates 15 thou. ha of leased cropland, produces grain and industrial crops.

Namsen Limited is a Cyprus-based company.

According to the analytical system YouControl, Valentyna Davydenko, the mother of the deceased MP Valery Davydenko, Iryna Khomayko and the fund Progressive Investment Strategies are the founders of Agrodim.

As a reminder, Valery Davydenko's widow Liudmyla stated that Kernel Chairman Andrey Verevskiy illegally seized control over Agrodim. The company denied her allegation.

NOTE: since 2019, the fund Progressive Investment Strategies is one of the owners of the agricultural holding Agrodim, which was previously owned by the family of MP Valery Davydenko. The fund is owned by the founder of Kernel, Andrey Verevskiy, whose shareholding in Agrodim is equal to 24.9%. Besides, one of Verevskiy's proxies owns a 51% stake in this company.

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