Nika-Tera processes its longest-ever bulk carrier

The Sea Specialized Port Nika-Tera, a subsidiary of Group DF founded and owned by Dmitriy Firtash, processed the longest vessel ever called at the port — the bulk carrier Cymona Glory — her length overall (LOA) is 235 m, width 32.25 m. The carrying capacity is 84,091 t DWT. The vessel is running under the flag of Marshall Is.

Cymona Glory was built in 2011.

"The port has all the infrastructure it needs to receive different types of cargo and to load large vessels such as Cymona Glory at the roadstead," says the Harbormaster of SSP Nika-Tera Alim Agakishiev.

Bulk carrier Cymona Glory being loaded at the SSP Nika-Tera in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. October 2021

The vessel was loaded with oilseed meal up to maximum draught by two loading machines simultaneously. At the port's berth, 49 thou. t was loaded. Further loading up to 66 thou. t will be done at the roadstead The cargo will be delivered to India.

Ukraine exports oilseed meal to 20 countries. According to Group DF analysts' estimates, Ukraine exported 10% more meal than the previous season in 2019/20.

Since late September, Nika-Tera has been receiving new crop soybean for shipment. Grains, oilseeds and products made up 52% of the total cargo trasshipment structure in 8M 2021.

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