Nika-Tera handled 2 mln t of ag commodities in Jan-Aug

The Sea Specialized Port Nika-Tera, a subsidiary of founded and owned by Dmitriy Firtash Group DF, handled 4.3 mln t of cargo and processed 285 vessels in the period January-August 2021.

Under the company's report, the cargo handling structure in 8M 2021 was formed by:

  • grains, oilseeds, pulses, and products of their processing: 2.28 mln t, 52% of the total
  • bulk cargo: 1.38 mln t, 32%
  • fertilizers: 369 thou. t, 9%
  • liquid cargo: 325 thou. t, 7%

Alim Agakishiev

Harbormaster of SSP Nika-Tera

"The last month of summer proved to be fairly productive for Nika-Tera. In August, the port reached the peak of cargo turnover since the beginning of the year, having handled 887 thou. t of commodities. The port processed a record number of cars—11,854 units and 8,334 rail cars"

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In August 2021, the port increased its cargo turnover by 19% compared to the same period in 2020, processing record 58 vessels.

The largest volume of cargo in the Port of Chornomorsk in August was handled by Kernel's TransBulkTerminal—38.8% of the total turnover.

In 2020, seaports in Ukraine transshipped more than 47 mln t of grain cargo.

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