Astarta completes sugar beet harvesting, sugar content averages 17%

The production branches of Astarta-Kyiv agri-industrial holding have completed sugar beet harvesting in the 2021/22 season. The bulk yield of the crop is close to 1.6 mln t.

This year's sugar beet average yield is over 47 t/ha. Sugar content remains at a high level and averages 17.03%. The average value in Ukraine is 16.68%, as per the data of the Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine "Ukrsugar" as of 19 Nov. 2021.

The company reports that the delivery of the harvested sugar beet from the fields to the processing plants is ongoing. As of November 22, 1.22 mln t of sugar beet produced in the company's fields have already been delivered to the sugar plants. Field-plant delivery pattern allows reducing the loss of sugar content when unloading at reception points.

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Sugar plants of Astarta-Kyiv have produced 200 thou. t of beet sugar since the start of 2021/22 (Sep-Aug).

Sugar beet harvesting in Ukraine was 96% done as of 18 November. The average yield of the crop made up 47 t/ha.

Beet sugar production by 29 plants launched in Ukraine in 2021/22 reached 1 mln t as of 19 November.

The world white sugar market and Ukraine's place in it (click for higher resolution). Source: UBTA

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