Ukrainian manufacturer Variant Irrigation first ever dominates domestic market in machines sold number

First time the Ukrainian manufacturer Variant Irrigation has gained the top position by the number of sprinkler machines sold in Ukraine in the first half of 2021, research data show.

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In January-June 2021, the total number of sprinkler machines marketed in Ukraine exceeded 450 units. There is about 6 thou. sprinkler machines in agricultural enterprises in Ukraine today. This is enough to irrigate 600 thou. ha, while according to expert estimates, more than 23 mln ha of cropland in Ukraine lacks irrigation, of which 18.7 mln ha requires permanent irrigation.

"Today irrigation systems are supplied to Ukraine mainly by the U.S. and European companies, for example, Valmont. Nevertheless, both major manufacturers of sprinkler systems — Variant Irrigation and Fregat — are among the top 5 market players. And the Chinese brand RainFine is close to the top 10," the research author comments.

Ukraine's irrigation equipment market leaders in 1H 2021:

  1. Variant Irrigation: 19% of the market
  2. Valley (a U.S. manufacturing company Valmont): 18.1%
  3. Fregat: 15.9%
  4. Zimmatic (a U.S. manufacturer Lindsay): 14.3%
  5. Western Irrigation: 14.3%
  6. Reinke: 5.5%
  7. RKD: 5.1%
  8. Otech: 4.9%
  9. Bauer: 2.2%
  10. ECCO PIVOT/T-L Irrigation: 0.7%

The Accounting Chamber estimated the potential to increase Ukraine's GDP at 0.2%, or UAH 8.8 bln, if the total irrigated area was provided with operational sprinkling machines.

The EBRD considered the provision of a loan for the reconstruction of the irrigation system in southern Ukraine.

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