Ukraine's irrigation systems producer completes big project in Moldova

The Ukraine-based producer of irrigation equipment, Variant Irrigation (Variant Agro Build), executed the project for the supply of 14 irrigation systems for a large agricultural holding in Moldova.

The company informs that the customer was delivered pivot sprinkler machines to cover the area of 1,500 hectares.

"So far, this is one of the company's largest projects implemented in Moldova in 2021," says Variant Irrigation head of international sales Irakli Imnadze.

Moldova is one of the key markets for Variant Irrigation for its proximity to Ukraine, where the company's major production facilities are located, and also for its neighbouring Romania, a country where the company's Eastern European representative office is located. This provides an additional opportunity to gain a strong position in the Moldovan market.

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The Moldovan partner of Variant Irrigation is one of the largest and most advanced agricultural holdings on the country's market. The agroholding's fleet comprises 42 irrigation machines, including 14 Variant Irrigation machines, which are utilized to ensure the productivity of such crops like wheat, corn and soybeans.

"We are certain that this result will serve as a significant impetus for further rapid development in the Moldovan market as it has a huge potential in irrigation," notes Irakli Imnadze.

The head of Variant Irrigation international sales is convinced that the key success factor for entering international markets is personalized approach to each client and to the project itself.

"This approach helps to properly prioritize all aspects of the project, as well as to convey the benefits of our company for its implementation. For the client, these benefits include an advantageous combination of high European quality with a reasonable price policy, flexible implementation terms, and a broad range of additional options and services," he stresses.

In the current year, Variant Irrigation delivered 35 irrigation machines to European countries, in particular to Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Hungary. The company intends to move forward and plans to boost sales next year by 50% with new markets and increased volumes in those it is already well-established.

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