NFTs born in bomb shelters

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Ukrainian agricultural journalists and designers from Latifundist Media have developed a series of NFT tokens “NFT bullets of Support for Ukraine”. The collection consists of bullets painted in the national colours of Ukraine and its allies that support Ukraine in defense against Russia.

“Our country is doing its best to protect the territory and the compatriots. Developed in basements and shelters, these NFT tokens Bullets of Support for Ukraine are made by our team with boundless hope and faith in the country. Buy ammo crafted in bomb shelters to help stop this war and keep wars only in Counter Strike and World of Tanks”, — said Tatyana Prikhodko CEO Latifundist Media.

All the funds raised by us for NFT Patrons of Support for Ukraine will be directed to humanitarian aid. One young farmer, Darina Kozoriz, from the west of Ukraine, led a volunteer movement to help the Ukrainian citizens and militaries. We will entrust all the funds raised into her hands.

"For the first time I had to paint bullets. The world is beautiful without wars. I really want people to appreciate it and see its beauty", — said Anna Pastukhova, Chief Designer of Latifundist Media.

We plan to create a large collection of bullets, so stay tuned for updates to the NFT Patrons of Support for Ukraine collection. Also, for countries where the leaders have not officially spoken out in support of Ukraine, but the citizens of these countries support and help Ukraine, we will prepare NFT tokens — a series of white bullets.

Worked on the collection:

Design: Julia Molchanova.
PR: Sofiia Yaroshenko.
Creative: Anna Kostenko, Elizaveta Grechana, Yulia Molchanova, Anna Pastukhova.

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