Astarta-Kyiv plants 100% of its cropland

The agri-industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv prepared all inputs for the spring planting season and completed the full range of field works on its entire land bank within the optimal time despite all the difficulties caused by the russian military aggression.

"We are convinced that we should not reduce agricultural production during the war, on the contrary, its current scale must be preserved. All available land bank must be cultivated. Therefore, Astarta uses 100% of the land it operates and, after demining, planted even on those lands in Chernihiv region, which were under temporary occupation until early April," says Vadym Skrypnyk, the Director for Agricultural Production and Storage at Astarta.

The company's cropping plan for 2022 is as follows:

  • sugar beet 33 thou. ha
  • corn 38 thou. ha
  • soybeans 40 thou. ha
  • winter wheat 55 thou. ha
  • sunflower 30 thou. ha
  • winter rapeseed 6 thou. ha
  • organic crops 2 thou. ha
  • feed crops 8 thou. ha

"There have been some changes in this year's crop structure. We have reduced the area under corn in favour of oilseeds such as sunflower and soybeans. They have a lower yield per hectare than corn, but they can be processed locally in Ukraine," adds Vadym Skrypnyk.

Currently, the main tasks of the Astarta’s team are to harvest its entire cropland and ensure the storage and processing of the crops.

As of May 12, early spring crops were 90% planted in Ukraine.

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