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The draft law "On the main principles and requirements for organic production" developed as a result of cooperation of the Ukrainian organic sector and the Ministry of the Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine headed by Taras Kutovoy, will improve the organic producers’ rights protection.

The expert on the organic market development of the  Retail Trade Academy Tatiana Sytnik told about it in the exclusive interview for

The Expert hopes that the bill will be adopted in the form proposed by the organic market participants.

"The bill will determine the work of certification authorities, the procedures of marking and positioning of organic products. The consumers will be protected from products of the pseudo organic companies. But it takes time to make this mechanism work", she said.

The Minister of the Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Taras Kutovoy proposes gradual development of organic production to meet the global trends according to his strategy "3 + 5".

The Head of the environmental organization information center Green Dossier Catherine Shor said that the bill will define the further development of the organic sector.

"The bill limits the use of the terms ‘eco’,‘bio’,‘organic’ more clearly. The changes to the Code of Administrative Offences regarding the responsibility for the misuse of these words are proposed. The rest depends on the law implementation by the producers and the control of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumers Protection", said Catherine Shor.

The Head of the Information Center Green Dossier also said that there is a demand for Ukrainian organic products in Europe. Seventeen Ukrainian organic companies will exhibit their products in the pavilion at the largest exhibition of organic products BIOFACH 2017 for the fourth time already.

Taras Kutovoy previously reported that there are three promising sales markets for Ukraine: Europe, Asia and Africa.

"The growing percentage of consumers start learning about the organic products that are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals and prohibited additives during cultivation and processing. Buyers understand the necessity to certify organic products",  summed up Tatiana Sytnik.

It was previously reported that the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and the European Commission are negotiating additional quotas for duty-free import of organic products in the EU.

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