Pfeifer & Langen purchased six T-Sugar factories

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Pfeifer & Langen Company has closed the deal on acquisition of six sugar factories in Ternopil Region, previously owned by T-Sugar Holding.

This was informed by Interfax-Ukraine.

It is noted that the company has acquired Borshchev, Bucha, Zbarazh, Koziv, Lanovetsk and Khorostkiv sugar factories.

"We bought six plants owned by T-Sugar, because we are involved in sugar production. We plan to modernize these factories, and next year they will start operating", said Vitaly Sikorski in his exclusive interview to

Pfeifer & Langen Company owns Radekhiv Sugar in Ukraine.

Here is to remind that until 2014 T-Sugar holding (owned by the Guta family) was one of three leaders of sugar production in Ukraine, but since 2014 factories have not been operating.

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