The yield of winter wheat will drop to 5.5 t/ha in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the maximum yield of certain winter wheat varieties can make 5.5-7.0 t/ha, which is lower than last year, due to the arid phenomena of different intensity, which were observed in May and during most of June.

This was reported by APK-Inform.

Spring wheat, barley, triticale and oats are in the phase of grain wax ripeness. The active functioning of the flag leaf is completed, the plants have 1-1,4 spiked stems, with the ear length of 6.7-7.5 cm and formed from 15 to 19 grains in the ear. In the panicle of oats, from 24 to 32 spikelets are formed. The height of the summer grain plants makes 60-68 cm. Due to the use of mineral fertilizers, the plants are in a better physiological condition. Density of productive stems varies from 320 to 450 pcs/ha.

Taking into account such indicators of the structure, summer grain yield in the conditions of the central and southern steppe area can probably make from 1.7 to 2.8 t/ha.

Here is to remind that Soufflet predicts a decline of wheat production in Ukraine by 500 thousand tons.

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