The volume of subsidies paid to agricultural enterprises in July made up 400 million UAH

The volume of budgetary subsidies paid to agricultural enterprises in September (for July) was the lowest in the last 4 months and amounted to 400 million UAH.

This is reported by the head of the department of financial, credit and tax policy of the National Research Center Institute of Agrarian Economics, Ph.D. Leonid Tulush, according to the website of the National Research Center Institute of Agrarian Economics.

According to him, a smaller amount of subsidies was observed only in the first 2 months of payments — in April-May (February-March), when the payment mechanism was just beginning to operate.

According to the calculations of the scientists of the Institute of Agrarian Economics, the amount of subsidies paid in September amounted to only two-thirds against the August (June) indicator and three-fourths to the volume of subsidies in July (to May).

September was the first month after the funds were added to the state budget funds from special confiscation, when the amount of open allocations was significantly less than the planned amount of budgetary subsidies stipulated by the budget plan for the corresponding month in which the subsidy was paid. Leonid Tulush noted that the amount of subsidies paid in September amounted to only 78% of the target figure of 513.2 million UAH.

It is noted that the share of refunds paid by agricultural enterprises for special purposes in July was the lowest since the beginning of the program of budgetary support.

For the next 5 payments for August-December 2017, the planned fund balance is only 1.69 billion UAH, 3 payments are foreseen in the current year. 2.57 billion UAH are provided for another 5 payments, 1.56 billion UAH of them are provided for August-October.

Leonid Tulush summed up that the monthly fund of budgetary subsidies will subsequently decline and is unlikely to exceed the level of the current month.

Let us remind, that agrarians from the beginning of 2017 received 1.3 billion UAH subsidies.

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