Alebor Group increases the capacity of Khristinovka grain storage unit

Alebor Group plans to increase the capacity of Khristinovka grain storage unit by 60 thousand tons, writes

Once the capacity of the grain storage unit is increased, the facility will start receiving oilseeds — sunflower and soy.

"Next year we want to make "Europe" here. We will provide concrete coverage of the territory, and add another 60 thousand tons of storage capacity. Today, with the capacity of 74 thousand tons of one-time storage, we make 5 turn-overs, and when we expand, we want to increase turn-overs and the range of received crops. Today, we do not receive sunflower and soybeans, but we will change the situation," said Aleksei Kustov, co-founder of the Alebor Group.

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