Alebor Group negotiating the sale of elevator business

Alebor Group is currently negotiating the sale of its elevator business. learned from several sources in the market that Kernel is one of the potential buyers. In 2017, Kernel acquired the assets of UAI in Khmelnitsky region and Agro Invest Ukraine in Vinnytsia region.

According to the sources, Kernel is interested in increasing elevator capacities in these regions.

"An additional advantage of the Alebor Group silos for Kernel is that they are on the "short run" from the ports, and can show a high turnover of cars," the source said. requested for comments from both companies.

"We are considering the possibility of integrating Alebor Group into our logistics chain. Elevators are of high quality and located in the area of our land bank," said the CEO of Kernel Yevgeny Osipov.

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