The construction of NIBULON's elevator complex in Nikolaev to end in mid-Feb

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Completion of the elevator complex at the NIBULON loading terminal in Nikolaev is scheduled for mid-February. The cargo berth reconstruction is to be completed by March 1, 2018.

"Bridges from the eighth noria to the working tower above the capacities 16-17 are installed at the construction site of the company. The first capacities are lifted up (15-16). Construction workers pour walls and bottom of the lower gallery (capacities 18 and 19)," the company informs.

The specifics of this construction is that the works are carried out in the conditions of the operating enterprise. Therefore, unique equipment is used on the construction site — a 90-ton crane (previously the company used 40-ton cranes at construction sites).

Reference: NIBULON's Svatovski elevator complex for the shipment of grain and oilseed crops (Lugansk region) transshipped more than 357 thousand tons of agricultural products.

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