Import of pork to Ukraine doubled in Jan-Feb

In January-February 2018, Ukraine imported 1 thou. tons of fresh, chilled and frozen pork, Association of Pig breeders in Ukraine (APU) informs with the reference to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFS).

"Such import volumes of pork are more than twice as high as imports in the same period of 2017," Association analysts note.

In the period of January-February 2018, 993 tons of fresh, chilled and frozen pork were imported with an aggregate value of USD 1.6 million. Canada is one of the three most active suppliers of pork in the reporting period, having replaced Denmark and Poland, which were major suppliers in 2016-2017, respectively.

"Against the increase in imports, a threefold reduction in the supply of Ukrainian pork to foreign markets occurred. At the moment the bulk (more than 57%) of pork exports was sent to Hong Kong, while interest from Georgia has weakened noticeably. Over this period only a fifth of the total volumes were shipped to the neighboring country, and the volumes of live pig delivery decreased by 38% and by one third in monetary terms," the report says.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian enterprises in January 2018 produced 16.2 thou. tons of fresh and frozen pork.

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