Agroprodservice received a NON GMO certificate

The production of soybean products of the company Agroprodservice received the quality certificate of the new NON GMO standard.

The founder and CEO of the company Ivan Chaikovsky shared this information on his Facebook page.

"The whole period of technological works headed by the company's chief technologist is complete. Our production of soybean products passed all stages of full cycle control and received the quality certificate of the new NON GMO standard," he said.

According to him, Agroprodservice is the first and so far the only company in Ukraine that can enter the EU market with its products, because from January 1, 2019 Europe refuses GMO products and raw materials.

"For our partners in Poland — Cargill — this is a document that shows that Agroprodservice not only produces non-GM soybeans, but also brought all the processes to world standards and international practice. The next step is to attract farmers who are interested in growing non-GM soybeans and then entering the markets of European countries," Ivan Chaikovsky stressed.

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