Transbulkterminal reequips and increases grain shipment speed

A program for the reconstruction of the operation lines and increasing the capacity is implemented in the port of Chernomorsk on the Transbulkterminal of Kernel.

This was informed by the company's CEO Yuri Kizlevich, Ports of Ukraine report.

He noted that it is planned to reconstruct the existing technological equipment at the 17th berth to increase the speed of ship loading.

According to Yuri Kizlevich, for today the project for the reconstruction of the first start-up facility underwent the examination.

In addition, Transbulkterminal plans to introduce additional loading belts with a capacity of up to 2 thou. tons per hour with a lead-out to the berthing gallery.

"We want to carry out the reconstruction without putting the terminal out of operation. This will affect the throughput capacity, but we want to do it for the sake of new future records," Yuri Kizlevich said.

Reference: Transbulkterminal for the first time carried out loading of over-Panamax class vessels with a width of 36.8 meters.

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