Prometey exported 70k tons of grains in March

In March 2018, Prometey exported more than 70 thou. tons of grain and oilseed crops. All contracts for the supply of products were made on the basis of CPT, FOB and CIF, the company informs.

Loading was carried out on large-capacity vessels, such as Handysize, and low-tonnage Coaster type from Berdyansk, Nikolaev and Odessa ports. The main crops in this period were corn, soybean, barley, wheat.

"Prometey noted the gradual growth of exports over the past six months. At the same time, not only the increase in volumes is registered, but also the expansion of the geography of exports. In particular, in 2018 the company entered the markets of Cyprus and Lebanon. In total, in March, over 70 thou. tons of grain were sold in the markets of four countries. In addition to Cyprus and Lebanon, Italy and Greece also imported grain in this period," said Yunus Yusupov, Prometey leading trader.

He added that the increase in exports and the expansion of sales markets are among the priority areas of the company's development.

Reference: since the beginning of 2017/18, Ukraine exported more than 30 million tons of grain crops (32.8 million tons over the same period a year earlier).

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