ROSTOK-HOLDING started pea and barley sowing

Spring field works started at ROSTOK-HOLDING enterprises, where sowing of pea and barley is currently in process.

The company's farms plan to sow 5.2 thou. hectares of barley (2017: 3.3 thou. hectares) and 1.2 thou. hectares of peas (2017: 1 thou. hectares).

"Severe weather events of the current season — frosty and snowy first month of spring, which has fairly delayed — oblige us to maximize the available potential and to ensure proper organization of labour and technological processes. There is no time to waste. The situation requires every day to be used productively. We are convinced that we will be able to level out the weather factor. By the beginning of the sowing campaign, the fleet was replenished with new tractors and aggregates. An additional amount of equipment was contracted on time and will be leased," says Yuri Lebedev, Chief Agronomist of ROSTOK-HOLDING.

In this period the farms continue mulching in the fields and application of mineral fertilizers.

"Over the past week, the first top-dressing of winter wheat was carried out on an area of 6.8 thousand hectares in the most favorable weather conditions," adds Yuri Lebedev.

Specialists assess the company's winter crops condition as good.

Reference: farms of ROSTOK-HOLDING plan to sow corn, soy, sunflower, barley and peas in the area of about 50 thou. hectares.

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