ROSTOK-HOLDING cropped 69.4 thou. tons of early grains

Farms of ROSTOK-HOLDING harvested 69.4 thou. tons of early grain crops including winter wheat, spring barley and peas.

As compared to the previous year, the bulk yield of the company's early grain crops decreased by 2.4%.

The volumes of harvested crops are as follows:

  • winter wheat — 40.9 thou. tons from 6.7 thou. ha with the average productivity of 6.1 tons/ha;
  • spring barley — 25.1 thou. tons from 5.1 thou. ha with the average productivity of 4.9 tons/ha;
  • peas — 3.4 thou. tons from 1.1 thou. ha with the average productivity of 3.0 tons/ha.

"The weather conditions of this year were far from favourable from the very beginning. Active harvesting campaign was slowed down by rains that did not ignore anyone this year. Nevertheless, our average yields of winter crops, early grain crops and leguminous crops are almost twice as high as the average in Ukraine," says Yuri Lebedev, the Chief Agronomist of the ROSTOK-HOLDING Group.

The company notes that in 2018 the share of winter wheat in the cropping plan of the group is 12%, spring barley — 9%, peas — c.2%.

Reference: as of August 10, 2018, harvesting of early grains and legumes is complete on 9.3 million hectares (94% of the forecast) with a productivity of 3.45 tons/ha. The new crop is collected in the amount of 32.2 million tons.

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