AMCU authorized IFC to acquire three of Mriya's elevators

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) authorized the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for the acquisition of three elevators of Mriya Agroholding.

Among the assets for sale are "Noria Zakhid", "Black Brayoni Holdings", and "Elagry-Derenivka" which provide for primary processing and storage of crops.

Note: IFC is one of the major creditors of Mriya. In the framework of the debt restructuring plan agreed by the creditors of Mriya over the secured creditors, in agreement with the agricultural holding, IFC applies for the provision of early secured loans by taking mortgage/pledged property. After taking ownership by IFC, all objects will be transferred back to the financial lease by Mriya on agreed terms. The restructuring process will reduce secured loans by 52% to USD 62 million, and unsecured loans — by 77% to USD 213 million.

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