Grain Alliance to start growing energy willow by new technology

Grain Alliance in mid-May will conduct a demonstration planting of the energy willow using a new method. This was made possible due to a meeting with the representatives of the Swedish company Henriksson Salix AB (HSAB), which is a manufacturer of equipment for planting and harvesting the energy willow.

According to Bogdan Senchuk, President of Swedish Business Association in Ukraine, Grain Alliance was included in the Association one of the first in Ukraine, and therefore they have several joint projects.

"We are discussing the energy willow cultivating project. This is the renewable energy sector. First of all, the energy willow in Sweden is an agricultural crop. It is planted in spring or autumn, and is harvested in 3-4 years. It is used as an environmentally friendly biofuel for heating social institutions — schools, kindergartens, and hospitals," the comments.

Reference: Grain Alliance plans to launch a new flour-milling complex on the basis of Yagotinsky Grain-Receiving Enterprise (Kyiv region) by the new season.

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