Ukrainian yields should reach the European level in a decade

Crop yields in Ukraine should reach the European level in a decade, Thomson Reuters reports.

"In France and Germany, farmers can get more than 7.5 tons per hectare in the best years, while in Russia and Ukraine — only 4 tons per hectare," experts say.

Nevertheless, improvement of agricultural technologies, seeds and fertilizers, together with favourable weather conditions increase the yield at the national level to 4.05 t/ha in MY2018/19.

According to experts, agriculture is becoming a major revenue earner of Ukraine's economy, especially with regard to exports. This is greatly influenced by cooperation with the European Union.

The development of the agricultural sector in Ukraine is limited by the lack of funding and government support. Agriculture suffers from the lack of long-term investment and clear management structure. One of the reasons is the constant delay of the lifting of the moratorium on selling farmland.

Today, Russia and Ukraine are among the largest global producers of wheat. In 2017/18, Russia produced 85 million tons, Ukraine — 27 million tons.

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