ROSTOK-HOLDING completed the sowing campaign 2018

Farms of ROSTOK-HOLDING have completed the spring sowing campaign 2018.

"Any sowing campaign is a tough time for agrarians. The current campaign was incredibly complex: all operations were simultaneous. Closure of moisture, pre-sowing preparation, application of basic fertilizers, fertilizing of winter crops and sowing of all crops were carried out simultaneously, which is unprecedented in the history of the Holding. Accordingly, the load on the equipment was also significant. The decision to lease additional 10 tractors was made on time, which allowed the completion of all field works in the optimal time," Dmitriy Kupavtsev, the Chief Operations Officer of ROSTOK-HOLDING, commented.

According to him, in 2018 up to 400 hectares are under corn that presupposes variable rates of fertilizer application and crop density.

"These will be commercial fields in two locations — in Gluhov and Novgorod-Seversky clusters," Dmitriy Kupavtsev noted.

The Group plans to produce the following crops:

  • winter wheat — 6.8 thou. ha (fall of 2017: 7.7 thou. ha);
  • corn — 22.5 thou. ha (2017: 21.5 thou. ha);
  • soybean — 9.6 thou. ha (2017: 5.2 thou. ha);
  • sunflower — 9.6 thou. ha (2017: 12.4 thou. ha);
  • barley — 5.2 thou. ha (2017: 3.3 thou. ha);
  • peas — 1.2 thou. ha (2017: 1.0 thou. ha).

The area under feed crops and out of crops amounts to about 1.4 thou. ha.

The bulk yield is expected at about 350 thou. tons (2017: 336 thou. tons).

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