Agrotrade finalized spring sowing campaign

This year, Agrotrade spring sowing campaign was carried out at a maximum rate. Although the machinery had started operating in the fields 10-14 days later than the planned dates, all the group's enterprises completed the planting works on time.

"Despite the weather surprises, we sowed all the crops as planned. The areas under early and late crops did not change. The total sown area is about 70 thou. hectares, 2,6 thou. hectares (3.7%) of which are involved in organic production. Another 1.5% are occupied by niche crops, the remaining 94.8% are grains, legumes and oilseeds," said Elena Vorona, Financial and Operational Director of the group.

Director of the agro-industrial department Victor Kukharchuk informed that weather conditions had forced to make adjustments in the process of fertilizing.

"Although one should not hesitate during the sowing campaign, yet haste does no good. We took account of the soil temperature rising rapidly, so it was necessary to use seeders efficiently and observe the technology. We closely monitored their implementation using Cropio's remote monitoring system," he said.

This year, all corn fields of the group were planted with seeds of own production.

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