Agrotrade presented new sunflower and wheat seeds Agroseeds

The Agrotrade Group presented new seeds of its own brand Agroseeds. The company produced import varieties by world leaders based in France, Austria and Germany.

"Hybrids for cultivation on Clearfield technology (resistant to herbicide based on imidazolines) — Mandroid and Irimi (Austria) have appeared in the line of sunflower seeds. These are new varieties for the country. Mandroid is listed in the Register of Varieties of Plants of Ukraine in 2017, Irimi — in 2016," the message says.

The assortment of winter wheat varieties was supplemented with new highly productive ones imported breeding — Midas (Austria), Colonia (France), Dromos (Germany).

Agroseeds is grown under the supervision of specialists and authors of originator varieties. Then seeds are treated at the company's seed plant in Denmark equipped with the Cimbria Haid machinery.

All seeds comply with the current quality standards, including DSTU 4138-2002 and DSTU 6068-2008.

Previously it was reported that the import of seeds to Ukraine in January-April 2018 exceeded by 44 times the export of domestic seeds.

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