Kernel launched an affiliate program for relations transparency with agrarians

Kernel announced the launch of the Open Agribusiness affiliate program.

Open Agribusiness is a project on a new level of openness and transparency in relations with partners-agrarians, on the philosophy and traditions of knowledge and expertise sharing in the Ukrainian agrarian market.

"We are all in the same boat, and the goal of 100 million tons of Ukrainian grain exports is our common goal. This project is confidently and surely becoming our way of life and an integral part of daily work. We do not just talk about it, now we live like that. We believe that only having a mutually beneficial partnership and close cooperation will we bring Ukraine's economy to a new level, making our country a key supplier of agricultural products to the world market," the message says.

The first "road show" started in Starokonstantinov district of Khmelnitsky region.

Khmelnytsky region is a high-potential agrarian region, which demonstrates a rapid growth in the production of grain and oilseed crops. 2 000 specialists from the Western region team get some of the best harvests in Ukraine, provide services on new high-tech elevators, develop the social infrastructure of villages and support the initiatives of territorial communities, and launch a project to build the most powerful oil extraction plant in Ukraine.

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