Milkiland started delivering butter to China

Milkiland-Ukraine with the support of Milkiland Intermarket, both the subsidiaries of Milkiland Group, has concluded the first contract and started supplies of butter produced by the Group’s Ukrainian facilities to China. The Group also continues the supplies of dry milk products to China in order to further develop the distribution network in this country.

"This contract is the next important step of our Group to promising and developing dairy market of China. We will continue our efforts aimed at searching of new customers and promotion of the new products in this market," commented Sergiy Kyselev, the CEO of Milkiland Intermarket.

Reference: analysts regard Milkiland company as a risky investment. Alexander Paraschiy, Head of Research at Concorde Capital, noted that the recovery of the company’s operating activity stopped as Milkiland had focused on improving its margins.

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