UKRAVIT opened the Crop Care Institute

In Cherkassy, UKRAVIT Group opened the first in Ukraine scientific platform of world level on the researches in agriculture — Crop Care Institute.

"Our research centre is not an alternative to state institutions. We just bought the most modern equipment, which the most developed countries of the world have. We want interesting products to be produced in Ukraine. When scientists see the equipment and conditions in our centre — they are happy. This is a new standard of product quality for the entire agricultural sector of Ukraine. We have not inherited the land from our fathers but borrowed it from our children. This is our responsibility to future generations," said the owner of UKRAVIT Group Vitaliy Ilchenko.

He stressed that now everyone can check all of their suppliers and see whether the product was bought for a fair price.

"If you want to check if you buy PPPs at a fair price — we will make a full analysis of the substances this product contains. You will understand if it meets the declared quality. The same is with the quality of the seeds. So, you can study the fertilizers that are necessary for the plant. If there is any problem, you will be able to analyze which PPPs were used, in what quantity and even small impurities," the owner of UKRAVIT noted.

During the opening, the scientific director of the Crop Care Institute Leon Steinberg noted that the Institute's advances could develop into government programs, in particular, to combat counterfeiting. The Institute already provides services to check the counteragents' products for the presence of counterfeit goods.

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