Fertilizer imports to Ukraine exceed exports by 93%

Ammonia exports from Ukraine in January-May 2018 amounted to 29.7 thou. tons for the amount of USD 6.9 million, whereas imports reached 178.6 thou. tons and are valued at USD 57.2 million, Infoindustria writes.

The key importer is Turkey. Ukrainian ammonia has been supplied for the amount of USD 4.5 million, or 65.5% of the total export volume.

Nitrogen fertilizers were exported in a quantity of 233.2 thou. tons worth of USD 45.3 million. Imports totaled 733 thou. tons worth of USD 155.4 million. The main buyer is Turkey (USD 19 million), and the supplier — Russia (USD 33.4 million).

Phosphate fertilizers were imported to Ukraine in the amount of 15 thou. tons (USD 2.8 million). The major supplier was Poland (91% of the total).

Ukraine exported 686 tons (USD 167 thousand) of potash fertilizers. Imports amounted to 15.8 thou. tons (USD 4.5 million). The main importer is Lithuania (USD 132 thou.), the trader — Belarus (USD 2.3 million).

2.7 thou. tons of fertilizers with two, three elements (NPK) were exported for the amount of USD 2.4 million, and the imported volume made up 824.2 thou. tons for USD 284.8 million. The main buyer is Moldova (USD 777 thousand), the trader — Russia (USD 136 million).

Reference: since early 2018, the production of fertilizers and ammonia in Ukraine has increased. In January-April 2018, production of ammonia totaled 402.6 thou. tons, which is 17.8% more than over the corresponding period of the year 2017.

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