Gilles Mettetal takes up his duties as a Member of the Supervisory Board of NIBULON

On June 1, 2018, Gilles Mettetal joined the Supervisory Board of NIBULON.

As it is stated by the founder and CEO of NIBULON Alexei Vadatursky, it was with the direct participation of Gilles Mettetal that a breakthrough in crediting the agrarian sector had taken place in Ukraine.

"The authority of Mr. Mettetal and the EBRD enabled us to change the image of Ukrainian agricultural sector. And today we realize that the agricultural sector of Ukraine would have been completely different without cooperation with the EBRD. Therefore, the experience of Mr. Mettetal, his culture and knowledge, high level of professionalism and authority in the world, psychological, moral and ethical qualities are of great importance to our company. This is a great help and invaluable contribution to the development of our company," Alexei Vadatursky comments.

Earlier it was reported that Gilles Mettetal joined Astarta-Kyiv Board of Directors.

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