LNZ Group purchased 108 grain cars

LNZ Group replenished the rolling stock for grain transportation and purchased 108 new grain hopper cars.

According to Dmitriy Kravchenko, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LNZ Group, the company decided to purchase two rolling stocks at once — 54 cars for two different routes each.

"Establishing our own fleet of grain car will make us more mobile and autonomous. The main advantage of such an acquisition is the ability to plan deliveries under concluded contracts. The demand for cars during the harvest period in Ukraine causes a deficit of vehicles for the transportation of grain crops. Constant shortage of cars leads to unnecessary penal sanctions for non-fulfillment of contracts," says Dmitriy Kravchenko.

Each car transports about 70.5 tons of grain. The volume of one car is about 118 m³.

Reference: in Sumy region, the elevator complex of the agrofirm Victoria, a branch of LNZ Group, started operating. The capacity of the first phase of the grain storage is 44 thou. tons.

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