Agromars accuses business rivals of negative campaigning

The Agromars Complex management is convinced that their business rival is using negative campaigning technologies in order to form a negative image of the company.

"Now, when even the fictional arguments have ended, the competitor has attracted local authorities to create fakes. Referring to the words of local officials, some media continue to publish unverified and unsupported information about the work of Agromarsб" the company states.

Agromars refutes the information that the company does not have the necessary permits for the work of the department of bioadditives, where waste is processed.

"It is indicative that attention is not paid to the outspoken preconception of officials, which is probably financially supported by competitors," the message says.

Reference: the executive director of the Vinnytsia poultry farm Igor Leschenko said that the Agromars Complex saved on recycling by burying the waste.

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