Ukraine doubled rapeseed exports in 2017/18

In MY2017/18, Ukraine exported 2.12 million tons of rapeseed, which is twice as many as in MY2016/17, APK-Inform reports.

Deliveries of rapeseed from Ukraine in MY2017/18 were carried out to 25 countries (23 countries in MY2016/17).

The key importers of the Ukrainian oilseed crop in the reporting period are as follows:

  • the EU — 81% of gross shipments volume (vs 92% in MY2016/17);
  • South Asia — 12% (3%);
  • the Middle East — 6% (4.5%).

In volume terms, the EU was supplied 1.72 million tons of oilseeds (+80% to the previous season).

Reference: in 23 regions, winter rapeseed harvesting continues 878.36 thou. hectares of areas are threshed (90% of the forecast) and 2.25 million tons of crop are harvested with the productivity of 2.25 t/ha. In addition, spring rapeseed harvesting started: 6.22 thou. hectares or 11.3% of the forecast are threshed so far and the harvest resulted in 10.3 thou. tons with the productivity of 1.66 t/ha.

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