10 EU export quotas filled by Ukraine in Jan-Jun 2018

In January-June 2018, Ukraine filled 10 duty-free quotas in the EU. This is reported by Nikolai Pugachev, the deputy director of the National Scientific Center Institute of Agrarian EconomicsNAAS corresponding member.

"As of mid-July 2018, domestic exporters have already fully filled EU duty-free export quotas for wheat, corn, apple and grape juices, malt and gluten, processed tomatoes, honey, butter, and three quarter quotas for poultry meat," the expert notes.

In addition, additional preferential quotas for wheat and corn were closed, which had come into force at the beginning of 2018.

More than half of the quotas for barley, starch and processed starch are filled.

"As in the previous years, the majority of quotas remain with zero or very low percentages of use. And this means that producers of agri-food products are not ready to fully realize their export potential in the European market," Pugachev sums up.

Reference: within three months of 2018, Ukrainian exporters filled duty-free quotas for 8 types of agricultural products. Quotas for wheat, corn, honey, apple and grape juices, malt, a quarterly quota for poultry meat, and semi-annual quotas for butter were filled. For most other products, the average percentage of filled quotas was low.

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