Nika-Tera loaded a tanker with 34 thou. tons of sunflower oil

The Bruno oil/chemical tanker
The Bruno oil/chemical tanker
Photo by: Ника-Тера

Sea Specialized Port Nika-Tera (Mykolaiv) loaded the Bruno oil tanker with sunflower oil.

"Loading of sunflower oil was carried out from the tank field of Freight Area No. 4 of the Nika-Tera SSP, where at the start of loading the vessel 30,000 tons of vegetable oil were stored. During loading, the port accepted from the motor transport another 4,000 tons of sunflower oil in its tanks and loaded the ship to the total volume of 34 thou. tons," the message says.

The tanker was proceeded within 4 days with an average daily loading rate of 8 thou. tons.

In August 2018, Nika-Tera handled 507 thou. tons of cargo. The enterprise proceeded a record amount of bulk cargo in the volume of 207 thou. tons.

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