Prices for sunflower falling further in Ukraine

The purchasing prices for sunflower in Ukraine continue declining amid a fall in vegetable oil prices and an increase in the supply of a new crop.

Grain Trade UA informs that the growth of sunflower production is not a matter of concern for the processors, whose capacities allow processing 20-21 million tons of oilseeds annually.

Yet a sharp decline in the price for sunflower oil, following the fall in world prices for soybean and palm oil, holds back purchases of sunflower even at low prices.

"After a brief rise in sunflower oil prices in early September to USD 695 per ton FOB in the Black Sea ports, vegetable oil prices started declining rapidly and slumped to USD 670-680 per ton FOB for supplies in October and USD 660-665 per ton FOB for supplies in November-December," the message says.

Note: as of September 18, 2018, agrarians harvested 36.8 million tons of grain and leguminous crops from 10.4 million hectares (70% of the forecast) with a productivity of 3.52 tons/ha.

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