Agroliga opened the oil extraction plant in Kharkiv region

The Agroliga Group of companies opened the new oil extraction plant in Kharkiv region.

The plant was built on the principle of “ecologically friendly” with strict adherence to environmental standards with the most modern equipment, and most importantly — completely from scratch.

The initial processing capacity will be 110,000 tons of sunflower per year, with a phased growing up to 170,000 tons.

The plant is a single complex of workshops and auxiliary units, providing the possibility of processing sunflower seeds and other crops.

The operation of the plant includes a full cycle of oilseeds processing: from reception, storage, pre-preparation of seeds to full purification and subsequent packaging of finished products.

The modern extraction line will increase the yield of oil by 10% in comparison with the press technology of oil extraction. The plant was built with the prospect of reconfiguring equipment for the extraction of soybean and rapeseed oil without additional investment in equipment.

After the launch of the plant, the market share of the sunflower oil market in Kharkiv region will reach 10-12%.

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