Silo loading started at M.V. Cargo terminal

Photo by: Facebook

Silo loading started at M.V. Cargo terminal in the port of Yuzhny (Odessa region).

"M.V. Cargo started to load silos, and that's not as easy as pour and forget it. Silos loaded in three steps — 5 thou. tons each. After one step we wait a couple of days to make sure that systems and equipment work correctly," informed Andrey StavnitserCEO of TIS and co-owner of M.V. Cargo, on his Facebook page.

According to him, the whole project will take almost one and a half months.

"We are going to load seven silos — 15 thou. tons each. Why so complicated? To test every single facility and make sure that the terminal is ready for a full launch.

Previously it was reported that the floor storage of M.V. Cargo terminal for the first time had accepted a new type of cargo — corn.

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