MHP implemented the largest investment project in agricultural sector over the past five years

The largest investment in the agricultural sector facilities over the past five years was made by the agri-industrial holding Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP), namely the construction of the second phase of the Vinnytsia Poultry Factory.

The total investment amounted to USD 300 million.

The top-10 investment projects in the agricultural sector facilities over the past five years include:

  1. MHP (the second production line at the Vinnytsia Poultry Factory) — USD 300 mln;
  2. Allseeds (oil-crushing plant in Yuzhny, Odessa region) — USD 200 mln;
  3. NIBULON (two grains and oilseeds transhipment terminals: Khortytsia and Holoprustans'ka) — USD 200 mln;
  4. Bayer (seed plant) — USD 200 mln;
  5. Bunge (oil-crushing plant and a transhipment terminal in the port of Mykolaiv) — USD 180 mln;
  6. M.V. Cargo (grain terminal in the port of Yuzhny, Odessa region) — USD150 mln;
  7. COFCO Agri Ukraine (grain terminal in the port of Mykolaiv) — USD 75 mln;
  8. Risoil S.A. (grain terminal in the port of Chernomorsk) — USD 70 mln;
  9. Astarta-Kyiv (three elevators in Poltava region) — USD 36 mln;
  10. Agrofusion (Vostochny — the third company's tomato processing plant) — USD 35.4 mln.

Note: considering the fact that some companies invested in a number of projects simultaneously, only the largest investment projects are included in the rating.

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