Kopernik Global Investors increased its shareholding in Astarta-Kyiv to 5%

Kopernik Global Investors LLC direct share in the share capital of the agri-industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv and in the total number of votes at the company’s general meeting has increased and exceeded 5%.

On 27th December 2018, in the result of the purchase transaction of 3 216 shares in the share capital of Astarta Holding N.V., Kopernik holds directly 1 250 105 shares in the company, representing 5% of Astarta’s share capital and carrying the right to 1 250 105 votes at the company’s general meeting.

As previously reported, between December 10, 2018, and December 12, 2018, during trading sessions on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Astarta-Kyiv bought its own shares in the quantity of 12 000.

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