Kernel switches to paperless workflow

The Kernel team changed the business processes in the company and formed new rules for the digitalized document management.

In 2017, Kernel was the first company in Ukraine to begin integrating electronic document management (EDM) and the use of qualified electronic signatures (QES) in all business areas.

“To get the maximum benefit from using QES, we had to take the initiative and develop a user-friendly scheme for generating and storing electronic keys of our colleagues from different directions who sign documents. We have concluded an agreement with the Ministry of Justice. An employee spends no more than a minute to receive a personalized QES. The ability to approve documents even from a smartphone saved plenty of valuable working time,” says Andriy Pishyy, Head of IT Department at Kernel.

According to the report, firstly Kernel focused on optimizing the internal workflow. Of the 15,000 employees, about 2,000 today have QES, at the moment the EDM covers 52 per cent of the company's elevators, 21 per cent of agribusinesses and 48 per cent of factories.

Today about 15 per cent of Kernel's partners work with EDM and their number is growing.

The agriproducers started switching to the EDM too. The first online contracts were signed with partners selling grain and sunflower seeds to Kernel. A partner office was opened on the Open Agribusiness portal, a special resource where digital services are offered to agricultural producers for improving their work.

As previously reported, by the end of 2018/19 Kernel is set to increase the elevator capacity by 245 thou. tons.

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