ViOil's Vinnytsya OFP processed 60 thou. tons of soybean in Q1 2019

Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Plant, a structural division of the ViOil group, processed more than 58 thousand tons of soybeans.

In the reporting period, the plant also produced 11.2 thousand tons of unrefined soybean oil and almost 43 thousand tons of soybean meal.

“Our company is technically capable to process all types of oilseeds. After upgrading the soybean processing plant, its capacity will reach 1.7 thousand tons per day,” says Dmitry Chalenko, Chairman of the Board of Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Plant, a structural division of the ViOil Industrial Group.

By the company's report, its own network of elevators with a capacity of more than 300 thousand tons, allows the company to provide its plants with raw materials and load capacities evenly throughout the year.

As previously reported, Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Plant planned to implement a project for the production of electricity by means of burning sunflower seed husk.

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