CFG/MRIYA appointed CEO of the combined company

Georg von Nolcken
Georg von Nolcken, CEO of CFG/MRIYA
Photo by: пресс-служба CFG/«МРИЯ» / CFG/MRIYA

Georg von Nolcken, who previously held the position of Chief Operations Officer of the combined Continental farmers Group (CFG) and MRIYA group of Businesses (CFG/MRIYA), was appointed Chief Executive Officer.

Georg specializes in agronomy, agricultural economy, acquiring, restructuring and operating agricultural businesses.

Note: in August 2018 MRIYA Agro Holding successfully completed the restructuring of its debt. Then, in November, the company signed a deal to sell its assets to SALIC UK. Today MRIYA continues operations in Ukraine alongside SALIC’s existing subsidiary, CFG.

The combined business has a land bank of 195.000 ha under cultivation in Western Ukraine.

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