Mriya Agriholding becomes Continental Farmers Group

Mriya Agriholding and CFG (Continental Farmers Group) have completed the merging of businesses and since now will work under a single brand, Continental Farmers Group, cultivating land in 5 regions of Western Ukraine.

By the company's statement, the headquarters, as before, will be located in the city of Ternopil, and the Continental representative offices will work in Kyiv and Vyriv (Lviv region).

The re-launched company received a renewed brand identity. The Continental logo is designed in corporate colours and the style of the former Mriya. The combined business received the name from the Continental Farmers Group brand, but with an accent on Continental to be a Ukrainian company with international capital.

“I am pleased to announce that the principle stage of Mriya and CFG integration, which has lasted since November 2018, has been successfully completed. I want to emphasize that there was a merger of two equivalent Ukrainian companies, and this was also reflected in the new logo. We did not just combine two businesses, but at the same time retained all the best practices of each. This merger will enable Continental to achieve its goals and objectives more effectively,” Georg von Nolcken, CEO of Continental says.

Earlier it was reported that in 2019, SALIC UK Ltd, the mutual investor of CFG/MRIYA (Continental Farmers Group name before the merger), intended to allocate more than USD 50 million to increase the technical capacities of the company.

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