Continental Farmers Group started harvesting 2019

Harvesting campaign in Continental Farmers Group
Harvesting campaign in Continental Farmers Group
Photo by: пресс-служба «Континентал Фармерз Груп» / Continental Farmers Group

Continental Farmers Group has started harvesting campaign 2019. Winter barley is already being threshed in the Kamenka-Bugskaya cluster in the fields of the agroholding in Lviv region.

Soon harvesting of winter rye, rapeseed, wheat and spring wheat will begin. In total, the company plans to harvest 103,000 hectares of early grain crops in eight production clusters.

"This is our first harvesting campaign that Continental Farmers Group is starting in an updated format as a single business. We started on schedule and are fully prepared both operationally and technically. In spring, we purchased new grain harvesters, which are already working in the fields," says Georg von Nolcken, CEO of Continental Farmers Group.

This season it is planned to harvest winter barley from the area of 20.6 thou. hectares, winter rapeseed — from 28.3 thou. hectares, winter and spring wheat — from 46.6 thou. hectares and 7 thou. hectares, respectively, as well as winter rye — from 0.4 thou. hectares.

In mid-June of the current year, Mriya Agriholding and CFG (Continental Farmers Group) completed the merging of businesses and since then work under a single brand, Continental Farmers Group, cultivating land in 5 regions of Western Ukraine.

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